Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fun In The Kitchen

It is a Kitchen kit with some cute papers, and lots of elements. I made this kit for my Human babies, (grandkids). When they came to visit, We all cooked. They were so excited to make cookies, rice krispies bars, Giant cookies turned into Ice Cream Sandwitches. So here is to Tyler, Krista, and Kaitlyn.
DOWNLOAD Here: Paper Elements

It's A Dog's Life

This kit matches my It's A Cat's Life in they use the same colors so you can mix and match some of the papers in each kit. I have lots of bookplates, with a new twist. The inserts are seperate, you can pick the saying you want; then pick the colored bookplate to customize your page. Some ribbons, borders, tags, buttons. OH I forgot to mention, My sister Judy; (3+1 Scrapping) did the Wire Fenceing

This kit is Full Size, 20 papers, both pattern and solid. I hope you enjoy.
DOWNLOAD HERE: Papers Elements

Metal Edged Alphabet

I made a new Alphabet. It matches my "It's a Cat's Life" and "It's a Dog's Life". But you can use it with just about anything. I hope you enjoy.
DownLoad Here: Blue Red

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Cat's Life

This is my new kit A CATS LIFE. This kit is full size and has about 20 papers and lots of elements. This kit also matches my PAW-Alphabet. I loved the colors in this kit and am thinking about making an addition for DOG Owners as many of these papers and elements can be changed for DOGs. HUMMMMMM
Please enjoy this new kit and thank you for all the nice comments. DOWNLOAD Here: Papers Elements

Circle Paw Alphabet

Here is a new ALPHABET that I created. It matches both of my cat kits. I had a few request for more ALPHABETS becasue they liked the one I put in my last cat kit. They wanted to spell thier pets name and other things.
So Here it is, I have changed it a bit, this ALPHABET has a copper ring aroud it and I have added TWO new colors a WHITE and BLACK.
I hope you like it, as I said, it does match both of my CAT KITS and the DOG kit I have in the works.
Please enjoy, and I do appreciate all the nice comments, THANK YOU.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Paw Print Alphabet

These are full ALPHABETS with NUMBERS
I was working on a new kit, and wanted to add a couple of alphabets so that you could spell out words for your layouts.
After I made a few words in 6 different colors, I thought of a couple more words that would be nice so I had to make more alphabets. After I finished I relized that I just about had the whole alphabet so I ended up makeing a whole alphabet with numbers in 6 different colors.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

David' Deer

Here is a Hunting Kit I made for my Brother David. He is a advid Hunter and wanted a scrap book of his adventures. There were not many hunting kits out there, so I made this for him.
Down Load Here: Paper Elements